Friday, April 25, 2008

breaks, bruises, and birthdays

Happy Birthday, Julie! I could not have chosen a better sister ever! She is beautiful, amazing, and my best girlfriend ever!

Here is Ella sporting her latest accessory. She fell off the swing set and broke her wrist last week. She has an extremely high pain tolerance and this really hasn't seemed to phase her. My girls are so very different when it comes to pain. Ella will walk in the house with scrapes and bruises that I have no idea where they came from because she doesn't cry easily. On the other hand if Abby sees some ketchup on her finger she will start crying because it "might" be blood.

Ella with her splint she wore a for a few days till the swelling went down.

She chose these colors for her cast.

A couple random pictures of Isaac.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb!

We celebrated Caleb's 8th birthday last week. God truly blessed us with a wonderful first-born son. He's got his Daddy's blue eyes and his Mommy's freckles. He's very tender-hearted and cares deeply about others. Happy Birthday Caleb! I always try to make my kids' birthday special by making their cake. I included a few snapshots of some of them. If I find the missing one's I'll post them too. They may have been pre-digital camera days.

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Where did my baby go?

Isaac started walking a couple weeks ago. The first day he stood alone he took his first step and has not stopped. He thinks he's a pro now and really gets into all the claps and cheers! He is growing up too fast.

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