Sunday, January 9, 2011

Abby 9 years old

She's 9. She's smart. She loves school. She can spell almost anything. She loves to write. She loves sports. She's responsible and driven. She loves music. She's tiny. She loves to be in charge. She loves to win. Lately you won't spot her with out her purse, her chapstick, or her camera. She barely puts her violin down although she hasn't started lessons yet. Not a day goes by that she doesn't write, read, color, or draw just for fun. She makes me smile every day.

Saturday was her birthday. I took her and some girlfriends to PF Changs for lunch. Love the horses!

Changs passed out Wikki Stix and they were a big hit

Darla, Sarah, & Anna


So many choices! Changs offered her a dessert to share on the house :)

We did some shopping and then headed to Starbucks for some pastries and frappes...

and cards

and gifts

Yeah...she loved them all!

And her "9" t-shirt. Just a old hot pink T that was in the goodwill pile. I cut it out to the shape of a "9" and stitched it on her polka dot T

Hmmmmm....I might need one of these myself!


abby said...

being 8 was great but nine will be mighty fine.(my grandma sent that one to me in a little b-day message)it will have to make you smile when I opened my gift smiles all the way threw.i loved my 10 dollars!I loved my flower fashion kit.I loved my high heels and my boxer shorts they are great.I have to admit that I needed those I literally wore Calebs around the house!!!!lol

Keith and Crystal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a cute little lady. Looks like you had a super fun birthday.

Janie, I love the shirt idea. I'll have to keep that in mind. :)

Janella said...

What a cool mom! The birthday girl is quite adorable! Can't believe she is nine.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Abby! Great birthday pics : )

Stephanie said...

Great pics! Love the, girl, are quite the creative, resourceful, cool MOM! Love it.