Friday, March 30, 2012

A Conglomeration

conglomeration - noun
an occurrence combining miscellaneous things into a rounded mass (or in my case, a post!)
I know I've mentioned before how much we love our trampoline.  And I know I've mentioned before my dad is 70.  
 But have I ever mentioned how much my kids love having my 70 year old dad jump on the trampoline with them?
 Caleb loved Nate's profile pic on facebook, so wanted to try his own imitation.
 Love it!
 Of course, Isaac had to bust out his own moves!
Ricky's fiancee, Lisa.  Yes, she looks like a friendly dental assistant.  And she did help me so much to get through some major dentist drama.
But, trust me, looks can be very deceiving!  She is NOT friendly when she has her tools out!
Is there anything more luxurious than having someone pump gas for you?

Happy Spring!
Checking out our neighbors new baby chicks

The kids are on Spring Break this week and the weather has been beautiful!
Yesterday we went to the park and
 did some of this
 and some of this
 And when Carl got home from work we did some of this!
 Another thing I love about Spring.  Freckles. Can't get enough!
Abby got up this morning and wanted to make pancakes.
 Not just any pancakes
 Happy pancakes.  A great way to start the weekend!  Hope your weekend is as happy as pancakes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fish Pond

 Saturday was a absolutely perfectly beautiful day.  We headed out to a little fish pond for the evening.  
Unbelievably, nobody fell in!
Abby with the first catch of the afternoon.
Ella finally got up the courage to hold the fish on her own.  Funny because she was the one who dug up all the fishing worms.
Caleb's bluegill.
Carl spent most of his time baiting hooks and untangling fishing line

and this :)
We made a bonfire (yes, she sits like that all the time)

and roasted
some hotdogs.

And Ella learned how to roast a perfect marshmallow!
Abby caught the most fish on the day.  Probably because while everyone else was eating, she was still fishing.  I think she takes after her Daddy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The girls and I had a super-exciting weekend.  We got to fly to Baltimore to spend the weekend with Robbie and Tricia.
Abby and Ella had never flown before
so I was shocked
when the pilot asked 
if they could take over the controls :)
 So. so. so.  excited to take off!

We had a layover in Chicago where 
we met Julie and her kids, and my mom.
Then we flew together on to Baltimore.
A park we stopped at to take in a view of the city.  (it was chilly)
Robbie's backyard.  Literally!
Tricia's baby shower was on Saturday
The baby shower was at Nick's Fish House.  Right on the water.
Cupcakes.  Yum!
My 2 favorite girls.

Measuring game.

Tricia with all the girls.

So much little bitty cuteness!
Sad to say good-bye.
Homeward bound!  Grandma & Ella.
Killing time.
Almost home.
Our shadow as we landed.  Super fun weekend and so great to spend time with family!