Thursday, May 30, 2013

InstaWednesday (on Thursday - again)

may 15
Learning how to change a tire.

may 16
Scissors and sequins.

may 17
Picking up Abby from her class trip to Camp Kern.  I loved this quiet, woodsy road through the campground.

may 18
A party

Best cousins posing in front of our beautiful rhododendron bush

And we managed to squeeze in a little trip to the mall - imagine that!

may 19
Confetti cake!

may 20
Such a busy day. Sitting on the bleachers for fifth grade field day.

And then a double-header concert evening.  Abby on the flute for her 5th grade band performance

And next up was Caleb on the trumpet for his 6th grade band performance.

And a quick pic of them together although Caleb was already untucked.  They begged me to take this picture - can't you tell!?

may 21
6th grade field day

Caleb running (and winning) the 50 yard dash!

Rain Rain don't go away

We really, really want to play!

may 23
Morning dew.

may 24
Helping out at Caleb's icecream sundae bar.  Toppings much?

A sleep over and an attempt at the classic jump pose.

may 26
Sunday evening

may 27
Memorial Day.  Sleeping in and 'egg in the hole' for breakfast.

And planting a garden

may 28
New screen saver and my new favorite app.

may 29
It's Skyline time.  So good to see Robbie when he was in town for a few hours this week.  Miss him so much!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blooms and Berries

We have the most beautiful nursery a few miles from our home.

I took the girls there yesterday to pick out some plants to start our vegetable garden.

Of course we had to take a walk through their flower house too.

I'll take one of

each please!

So many colors!

We found our seeds and plants and as we were checking out we found out their

strawberry patch had just opened!

After a few seconds of intense begging, I gave in and we

walked across the field to the strawberry patch.

I think they could have

stayed and picked

strawberries all day!

This was a first for us

but I'm sure we will be

back soon...

Real soon!

Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY Sequin t-shirt (J.Crew knock-off)

I saw this sequin tee on J.Crew's website a while back, but I skipped the $40 price tag and thought it would make a great DIY project for Ella's 9th birthday.

Step 1.  Find a cute tee on clearance.

Step 2. Trace a "9" stencil from google images off of your computer screen

Step 3.  Search your closet for those sequin shorts that were on a extra 50% off markdown when you thought of this project months ago.

Step 4. Pin stencil to the BACK side of shorts.  (I knew this in my head, but my hands kept pinning to the front, 3 tries later, I finally got it!)

Step 5. Cut sequin fabric along stencil line.

Step 6. Squirt fabric glue onto sequin fabric.

Step 7. Wait patiently for it to dry.

Step 8. Admire how cute your little girl looks in her "9" tee, and blush when she comes home from school and exclaims she told everyone at school her mom made her tee, and smile when she asks if you can wash it real quick so she can wear it again tomorrow!

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