Friday, April 29, 2011


I love this time of year when we celebrate the Resurrection.  I love Spring with all the new life and colors bursting. 
Abby and Ella in their Easter dresses
Easter Sunday ( I think Ella is squinting because my top is so bright :)

Our Anniversa-tree.  The last few years on our anniversary we have gotten a tree for our yard.  Here we are on our 15th anniversary standing beside the tree we got for our 13th anniversary!  I'm hoping someday our yard looks like a forest :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anniversary 5K

Carl and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week. Our kids went to Indy for the weekend, so we had the whole weekend to celebrate. We ran our first 5K on Saturday! I placed 238th out of 584 runners. Although I wasn't 1st place I was able to run the entire time (hooray!) which was a 1st for me. It was an awesome experience and I'm sure it won't be our last race:)

We started the day off with these YUM! (sarcasm)

And the sky looked liked this! We did get wet but the sun was out by the end of the race :)

Special thanks to all my sponsors! I was able to meet our fundraising goal and earned a T-shirt!

And before I forget here is Isaac with his stitches. He smashed his finger in the garage. But he's all better now and almost all his stitches have dissolved.

And another one Abby took, because she thought he was cute sitting in a pile of dirty laundry playing the harmonica!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Catching Up

Spring Break 2011. The kids were so happy to get a break from school. Although the weather did not cooperate and we even had snow! We spent most of our Spring Break inside.
Making messes.

And memories.

We spent one day at the Creation Museum. The kids (and me)

absolutely loved it!

No, Caleb is not standing on his tiptoes. That's how tall he is!

We saw Noah's Ark

and dinosaurs

and even a Zonkey!

Have I mentioned how much I love Craig and his List? The kids have been saving their Christmas $ for a trampoline. The week of their Spring Break I found this one on craigslist. They have barely left it alone to eat and sleep. The first morning the girls were out there jumping before breakfast and you can see the frost on it! brrrr!

So much fun!

Um...yeah, that's me. I like it too :)

Last week Caleb turned 11.
Here he's blowing out his candles on the cake Grammy made him.

And opening his gifts from Grandpa & Grandma.

He is quiet but not shy. He is like a walking encyclopedia with random facts about other countries, history, or animals. He loves Bible stories.

He loves to hunt, loves to snowboard, and loves his friends. He is loyal and honest and friendly. He is laid back and easy-going. He eats more than our whole family combined!

He usually does not like to be the center of attention. He loves math. And of course he loves video games. I am so thankful that God blessed us with Caleb, and for the priveledge to be his Mom!