Wednesday, August 14, 2013

4th of July plus More

july 4
We woke up to rain on Independence day.  We had to cancel our parade plans and instead went to Bob Evans for breakfast.

And for dinner we hit up LaRosa's with Levi and his family.  These guys ordered swords with their pizza!

And the rain cleared off just in time for some fireworks.  God Bless the USA!

july 5
Buy 1 get one free frappe's and smoothies at Mickey D's.  And yes, that is a Big Mac in the background.

july 6
Pizza and cupcakes with family. Yum!

july 7

july 8

and burritos

july 9
It's raining, it's pouring, but we are grilling anyway.  ( I know it doesn't rhyme :)

july 10
A memo from Mitsubishi.  So funny!

july 11
He loves to shop! At only ONE store.

july 12
Guess where I'm going?
ChikFilA -  I could eat there seven times a day
Where the people laugh and children play
Oh, I'm in love with ChikFilA
Suddenly, I need a waffle fries in front of me
With some nuggets and a large sweet tea
(is that song stuck in your head now too?)

The cow seemed slightly confused when Caleb showed up in his McAwesome tshirt!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Insta-July (A visit with friends)

july 2
Rediscovering old friends.  A wonderful visit with a faraway (and a not so faraway) friend.  So fun to see our kids becoming friends too!
Ella and Madeline
Jenna and Abby

Ready to play

Grant's face is killing me in this picture! Um...Mom, why are you acting like this in public?!

And now he's giving me "the look"

Then we settled down and tried to take a normal picture.

For some reason, every time we are together we always end up at a icecream place.  Few thing are more fun that chasing each other around the table.


july 3
Need I say more?
Pretty, pretty flowers!

Instas for the end of June

Wow! This summer has flown by!  I can't believe school starts in just 2 weeks.  These are the rest of  my pictures for June.
june 21
Road trip to Chicago.  Passing a landmark - the Greensburg exit. 
june 22
Wrigley Field Chicago

june 23
The Bean
June 24
Back home from Chicago and we got to spend the whole day with this cute face!  A little trip to the grocery store with Taylor while Robbie and Tricia worked on his property.
Getting some snuggles from Caleb

Abby was wishing this could be a permanent fixture on her hip

Watching Dora with Uncle Carl

june 25
A few more hugs before her airplane trip back home to Baltimore

june 26
Hydrangeas from our yard

June 27
Trampoline at sunset
June 28
Swimming at "Grammy's" pool.  Isaac is hidden behind Abby's pool noodle.
Fish hands from swimming
june 29
Old Navy 7am.  Annual flip-flop sale.  Per Abby's request we braved the crowds and scored a deal!
june 30
Dessert for Sunday dinner compliments of Chef Ella.
july 1
Baby squash growing in our garden!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Insta-Wednesday...It's been a while

I love summer! But, I evidently do not love keeping up on Insta-Wednesday during the summer. But, I have been keeping up on my New Year's Goal of a picture a day for 2013.  Just have not been blogging them regularly.  But, I will.  I will!

may 30
Sorting through outgrown clothes -- again.

may 31
Marian Anderson.  I love this look that is half nervous, half confident!

june 1
The cleanup crew.

These boys helped clean up Robbie's rental property and among the garbage

they found this!  Yes...yes, that is a rastafarian banana

june 2
Washing freshly picked strawberries

to make homemade freezer jam.  Seriously, I have never felt more domestic in my life :)

june 3
Field day

And a visit with our neighbors chickens

And now I want chickens.  And fresh eggs!

june 4
There are so  many things wrong with this picture!

june 5
Last day of school!


June 6
The birthday boy

June 7
Feeling pampered!

June 8-12
Camping at Cave Run

June 13
Two Fishermenpeople.  An all day fishing trip to Ceasar's Creek.  Just the two of them.

The icecream aisle

June 14
Spending the day in Indiana with family and getting to see how much Taylor has grown! Love my baby neice!

June 15
When life hands you lemons...just smile!

June 16
Father's Day
He's the best!

June 17
Hydrangeas in our yard starting to bloom

June 18
Candy Crush.
This game is addicting!

June 19
Apparently he does not love instagram as much as me :)

June 20
A morning run with Abby

Oh you know, just whipping up a little length extension on a skirt.  Inspiration courtesy of Kristina J.