Friday, March 22, 2013

Insta-Wednesday on Friday

march 13
It's the middle of march and we are finally getting some snow.  Thanks but no thanks Mr. Snowflake, we are ready for some sunshine.

march 14
Yes, we're addicted to icecream.  Specifically UDF icecream.  My favorite is back raspberry chip, and mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough, and turkish coffee.

march 15
Grocery store.  Again.  Maybe this will get us through tomorrow?

march 16
Saturday afternoon, a clearance rack, and a few hours all by myself  = one happy girl!

march 17
Sunday morning. Am I the only that has to finish getting ready in the car?

march 18
Sisters Sipping Starbucks

march 19
My little ninja

march 20
First day of Spring.  22 degrees.  Brrrrrrrrrrr!

march 21
Shopping for a Easter dress.  This may just be my new favorite picture ever!  Completely candid and I love, love, love it!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


march 6
Finally, a snow day!  The first snow day in 2 years.

and it



march 7
Grilled chicken salad for dinner.  Delicious!

march 8
Playdate with her bestie from school.

march 9
A rare daytime nap since he was not feeling so good.

march 10
Sunday evening.

march 11
Morning by morning new mercies I see!

march 12
An abundance of Legos.  Which I LOVE!  Except when I step on them.

march 13
Dodgeball tournament at school.  That's Bolt, the star-player of the Chicken Nuggets team.  Unfortunately, the Chicken Nuggets got crushed.  Maybe next year.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Insta-Wednesday (on Thursday)

feb 27
Brothers.  Playing a 2-player game together on the computer.  As far as personalities go, they could not be more opposite!  But when they are on the same team - watch out!

feb 28
A 2 hour wait to get the tires changed on my van.  A Mcdonalds next door with a playland makes it bearable.  Add a caramel frappe and free wi-fi and "I'm lovin' it!"

march 1
The boys went snowboarding so we made it a pizza night!

march 2
Heading out on an adventure.  You guessed it - Kroger.

march 3
Sunday Morning.  I love sitting close to him in church!

march 4
Hot tea. Scrabble. And a visit with one of my favorites.

march 5
I took this "before" picture of Caleb a few weeks ago before his orthodontist appointment.  We had already had his initial exam and I thought he was going to get his braces on that day.  Turns out he had several more appointments before his braces actually went on this week.  But I really, really love this picture of him.  I'm cherishing these last few weeks of him NOT being a official teenager - yet.

And here he is heading into the orthodontist office, hanging out in the chair before he knows how rough it's going to be, a milkshake for lunch, and then back to school.