Thursday, March 7, 2013

Insta-Wednesday (on Thursday)

feb 27
Brothers.  Playing a 2-player game together on the computer.  As far as personalities go, they could not be more opposite!  But when they are on the same team - watch out!

feb 28
A 2 hour wait to get the tires changed on my van.  A Mcdonalds next door with a playland makes it bearable.  Add a caramel frappe and free wi-fi and "I'm lovin' it!"

march 1
The boys went snowboarding so we made it a pizza night!

march 2
Heading out on an adventure.  You guessed it - Kroger.

march 3
Sunday Morning.  I love sitting close to him in church!

march 4
Hot tea. Scrabble. And a visit with one of my favorites.

march 5
I took this "before" picture of Caleb a few weeks ago before his orthodontist appointment.  We had already had his initial exam and I thought he was going to get his braces on that day.  Turns out he had several more appointments before his braces actually went on this week.  But I really, really love this picture of him.  I'm cherishing these last few weeks of him NOT being a official teenager - yet.

And here he is heading into the orthodontist office, hanging out in the chair before he knows how rough it's going to be, a milkshake for lunch, and then back to school.


Michele said...

Love Insta-Wednesday and love you all!!

Anonymous said...

You make me smile :) ~Carla~

Daryl Hausman said...

Congratulations! All the P.A.I.N. is SOOOOO worth it later, I promise!
Laura Hausman