Saturday, March 20, 2010

A couple fun projects

I first learned about finger-knitting HERE.
Abby loves anything crafty, and after a little practice, she had it mastered. Here is a little scarf she finger-knitted. It took her about an hour to complete it.

She picked out the pink & brown yarn

Made little pompoms for the ends



I've had this idea in my head for a while and so glad to finally do it. I gathered a few utensils from G-Dub (goodwill). And a whisk from Ella's child-size cooking stuff.

3 frames from IKEA $4.99 each

Some red, extremely textured (looks like fabric) scrapbook paper

Voila! I. love. it.

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Rob and Deanna said...

You got all the creative genes, I think! Such great ideas.

Mom Brock said...

I like it...!!!

Misty said...

I will have to show Karissa the finger knitting! Very cute! And I love the kitchen art! I have some old measuring spoons from my Grandmother that would be awesome for this =) May have to try it someday AFTER we move =)

The Dickinsons said...

Way to go, Abby, your scarf is nice! We learned to do that and made lots of scarves our first deputation 2004. It's fun!

Love your kitchen art! Really cute and creative! =)