Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Florida bound!  All loaded up and ready to drive all night!  I love road trips.  Especially when all the kids are sleeping!

Made it through the night and a quick stop for breakfast.

Love the gas prices down south!

Finally!   But we still had 4 hours to go.

Isaac loved the water.

No toe-dipping here.  He RAN and jumped in.  Belly-smackers, pencil-dives, head-first, summersaults and flips.  But only if he had his Floaties on.

Father's Day 2012.  My kids have the best dad ever.  End of story :)

Ella is a fish and the queen of treading water.  She is always in the deep end.  Abby is a great swimmer but super-cautious.  She gained a lot of confidence this year and even let Carl throw her in a few times.

Indian Rocks Beach is beautiful!

Buried in the sand.

Loving the ocean!

Fish hands!

Shark's tooth Carl found on the beach.

Heading out to LightHouse Donuts

Just a short walk away.

Key Lime and Chocolate

PJ's for lunch.  Great seafood, and dollar bills on every inch of the wall, and a parrot.

Crabby Bills for dinner.  (not all in the same day :)

The sunsets were amazing!  Carl caught lots of pinfish, ladyfish, and a jack.  He was really hoping for a shark.  Maybe next year.


Ella's turn

Caleb trying out the waves.

Canon Ball!

They can all jump in without holding their nose.  How do they do that?  I really want to know!

Caleb is a master bubble blower.  He can blow ring bubbles under water!


Last day.

We drove all day and then spent the night in Gatlinburg.

The next morning we went on a hike through the mountains.

And got to see this.


Laurel Falls.  A 75 foot waterfall

Huge boulders

Downtown Gatlinburg 

And another short hike along a stream to Cataract Falls.

Best vacation ever!  Then we headed Home Sweet Home.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Catching Up

I know I've mentioned how much Carl loves to hunt and fish.  Check out his latest Ohio muskie.  49 1/2 inches!

And one for my nephew, Nate!

In addition to building numbers and letters for birthday cakes, Caleb also made these last week.  I have to say Legos are probably the number one toy my kids have played with the most.  They have spent many HOURS creating.

Kicking off summer vacation with icecream!

Yes, I got Superman.  Both.  Carl & my icecream :)

Did you celebrate National Donut Day?  We did!  Please try not to lick your screen :)

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