Wednesday, November 23, 2011


With Thanksgiving. 
That's me!
In random order, this is not even close to the "tip of the iceberg."
1. pinterest
2. girlfriends
3. bonfires
4. grace, so amazing!
5. packing Carl's lunch at 5am. My hard-working husband and the privilege to be a stay-at-home mom
6. my little one who giggles in her sleep. every. single. night.
7. eight megapixels of memories with every click of my camera
8. my heritage
9. flip-flops
10. graeters icecream

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Favorites

My favorite hunter with his Birthday Buck!

My favorite wannabe

He always has to put his arrow in his back pocket.  "That's what Daddy does" he told me.

One of my favorite helpers in the kitchen.  

Making treats for guests at church Sunday.

Voting in my favorite Country.

My favorite wallet from my favorite sister.

My new favorite boots.  From a favorite store.  Can you guess where?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally, A Gallery Wall

So I've had this stash of frames sitting in a pile for years  months weeks just waiting to become a gallery wall.  Some I've had forever and some I recently got from Goodwill (all spray-painted white).  Janella stopped in to see me one day and she decided my frames had been in a pile long enough!  I agreed, but didn't know what wall I wanted to make a commitment to 37 (almost) nail holes.
She helped me choose this wall, and now it is no longer nail hole free.
We started hammering and nailing and measuring (with our eyes not a measuring tape) and hammering and nailing.  And then she left me all alone to pick up her kids from school.
By myself.  With no clue what to do, and all alone with all these nail holes in my wall. After many more nails, and a lot of trial and error it began to look more like this.
And then like this!
A feather from our pigeon loft,
Pictures of all the kids and some fabric swatches,
The deer antlers (spray painted white) that I found in the woods while shed-hunting with Carl
Seashells from our family vacation
Race tags from our first 5k 
This lovely rose picture I picked up from Goodwill
A little chalkboard paint, a little spray paint...

 and some pretty chalk :)   Oh!  and a letter from my sweetheart from 1993.  It's practically vintage!  I had completely forgotten that he sent me mail.  Real mail, with stamps, and an envelope, and a postmark and everything!
I don't think my wall is completely "done", but I love the way it's coming together :)    And I love that all it took was:
-a few frames from goodwill
-spray paint
-leftover scrapbook paper from Brayden's baby mobile
-chalkboard paint leftover from kitchen cupboards
-a fabric swatch
-some tokens of special memories 
-and a swift kick into action from Janella :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

we are fam-i-ly

We have not had family pics taken for like ever.  So on a whim, I called Will Wegener after church last Sunday to see if he would snap a few pics of us before church.  He did a super job!

I found a few of these poses on Pinterest and I'm crazy about the "upside down" shot!

 I love. love. the way Isaac is stretching to put his hands around me!  I think this is my favorite.
Ella's "almost kiss" was not posed at all and completely spontaneous.  It is so "her."  I love it!

Or maybe this one is my favorite!  What do you think?

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