Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comargo Camp

We had a wonderful time at Comargo Camp. My kids cried almost every evening when it was time to leave. "Why can't we have Camp for at least a whole month?" they wanted to know. The services were wonderful and I had fun helping out in the kitchen. I love spending time with the ladies from our Camp. My children really enjoyed the children's services with the Candy Land theme. I have a ton of pictures I wanted to post so I'm keeping them small! Please click to supersize if you wish.

Ice Lady Sharon

Deanna & Duston with the glasses the servers wore

The kitchen crew with flowers for "the boss"

Children's program

Corn-shucking contest boys vs. girls

The high chair train

Caleb gets beat by Anna at UNO

Nate & Ella coloring

Smiling Debbie

Deanna's famous salad bar YUM!

the cooks' table

these girls kidnapped Isaac and brought him back as a girl!

tortilla soup coming up MMMMM

Yummy desserts

Here is my new favorite picture of Isaac taken by up and coming photographer, Abby!

OK I'm bragging - look how well he's holding his head up! No, he's not really "playing" with the toys there - but he was looking at them!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Isaac 2 months old

We are enjoying these last few busy weeks of summer. Our church camp starts tonight and our kids are sooo excited about children's church, playing with all the kids, eating Grammy's cooking in the dining hall, etc. We went to Michelle Miller/Mike Mater's wedding Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and she was a radiant bride. Sorry, no wedding pictures. Deanna Wolf was in from Ireland for the wedding. It was great to see her. She leaves back for Ireland tomorrow but I'm having dinner with her tonight. Here are a few snapshots of baby Isaac. I got this cute, funky outfit on Ebay. I think it is adorable!!!!
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

kids stuff

I took the kids to Home Depot for their kid's workshop on Saturday. They had a lot of fun building an art caddy. Home Depot hosts this free program the 1st Saturday of each month. The kids get an apron that they bring with them each time and when they complete a project they get a badge to put on their apron. This was our first time to go and we really enjoyed it. Here's a great link if you enjoy FREE kids food. They have a nightly listing of restaurants that offer free kids meals. Also Goldstar Chili has free kid's night on Tuesday and Skyline has it on Wednesday.

Caleb & Ella tubing on Saturday
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Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm Back

Hi! I'm back! It's been a while. How've you been? Here's a hodgepodge of pictures of my life over the last couple weeks.

My parents new home! We had fun helping them unpack. They had a gajillion boxes that we went through. Julie & I sorted through boxes and organized and labeled. Kerri & Lisa put stuff away. And Robbie & Ricky hauled stuff to and from and also did all of the lifting (although Julie can outlift any girl I've ever seen. She has always been STRONG and I can remember her beating all the boys in arm-wrestling when we were kids... anyway that's a whole different post that I'm sure will never happen-especially after she reads this!)

Kerri & I found these fun cowboy hats while we were unpacking!

This is Ricky and his girlfriend, Lisa. They came down to see us after Isaac was born. Ricky lives in Columbus and works at IBEAM as a network engineer.

This is Robbie and his girlfriend, Kerri. This is taken at Robbie's house. Robbie works in residential sales at Willis Heating and Air. The kids LOVE going over there.

I have been getting a bunch of my kids clothes from last year ready to list on ebay and I am almost done, YEAH!! Of course I had to have Abby try on her clothes from last year so I could get pictures because clothing is so much cuter on than just a picture of it taken on the floor. She was not thrilled to be wearing fall/winter clothing & tights in 95 degree weather but she cooperated great. (well, at first she was - but the thrill wore off quickly)
Ella and Isaac laying on the floor. I have had to have several talks with her about waking him up when he's napping. "But Mommy, I just wanted to kiss him" she says. She loves him so much!

YUM! I went out with Janella & Steph the other day and for dessert we split the Giant Crowd Pleaser with 12 (yes 12) scoops of icecream and 6 delicious toppings plus whipped cream and cherries!

OK.. I told you this would be hodgepodge. These are 2 of 3 bucks we saw from our dining room the other day.