Thursday, August 9, 2007

kids stuff

I took the kids to Home Depot for their kid's workshop on Saturday. They had a lot of fun building an art caddy. Home Depot hosts this free program the 1st Saturday of each month. The kids get an apron that they bring with them each time and when they complete a project they get a badge to put on their apron. This was our first time to go and we really enjoyed it. Here's a great link if you enjoy FREE kids food. They have a nightly listing of restaurants that offer free kids meals. Also Goldstar Chili has free kid's night on Tuesday and Skyline has it on Wednesday.

Caleb & Ella tubing on Saturday
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Stephanie said...

Great pics! I love the Home Depot idea - I've seen that before...I will have to remember it for Madelione when she gets of age.

Tamra said...

I love the face Ella is making in the Home Depot pic. Thanks for sharing the kid's ideas!

Janella said...

we need to take that boat out on GNO:) I know we could handle it, better yet what about a whole day:)Home Depot looks like fun!

Phillip D said...

Adorable pics! I'm sure your kids had fun.

Do you know of anyone that would have pictures of Michelle and Mike Mater's wedding? Did they get married today? Just curious, I'd love to see pics.

Have a great weekend,
Love, Heather =)