Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best After School Snack Ever

If there is anything in the world that makes me feel like Super-Mom, it is having warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies, straight out of the oven, when my kids walk in the door from school.  This really needs to happen way more often!  And I discovered I really like taking pictures of chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


A sword fight
A black eye ( not from the sword fight :)  
A few short minutes with my new niece
A visit to the park

With Slides

And a picnic, just the 2 of us.

A day with my sister
And Lisa

A basket of apples, picked by Ella

And a new project.  Almost done!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Bridal Shower

My Mother-in-Law is the queen of hosting beautiful bridal showers, baby showers, church picnics, etc.  This past weekend she hosted a bridal shower for one of my friends at church.  I was so excited to be able to help out.
Corrie and I making party favors.

Caramel Apple dip in teeny mason jars.

Caramel sauce + cream cheese + more caramel sauce + crushed heath bars

= deliciousness

Oh, and an apple on top!

We decided on a "Fall" theme since Fall is almost here.
The beautiful bride, Cheyanna.

The banner was made by cutting triangles out of burlap and then stenciling letters with black craft paint.
I just hotglued the triangles onto some rustic twine.
I made several of the smaller banners to hang up throughout the party area.

My favorite thing was this silhouette of the bride on burlap!

I took a profile picture of her and then used Picasa to increase the contrast so it was easier to trace.
I held up a piece of plain white paper to my computer screen and traced her silhouette.  Then cut out the silhouette.  And lastly laid the silhouette paper flat on burlap fabric and traced it with a Sharpie.

I love the contrast of the pretty pearls and tulle against the burlap!

Here's the drinks and dessert.  On the left was Sparkling Cranberry Punch (with floating apples & oranges)
And on the right Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter frosting.  Yum!
Can't forget the paper straws.

They looked like this up close and were super festive.

Another picture of the cupcakes (made by Michele).

And another!

For food we were served White Chicken Chili in bread bowls (oops, no picture)

But I do have a picture of the plates.

And Autumn Chopped salad with bacon and pears.

A great evening with wonderful friends, delicious food, and the beautiful bride!

Friday, September 7, 2012

School Pics Overload

The first day of school is always a busy morning.  So, I took the girls over to school the day before to snap a few "unrushed" pictures.

 Abby all ready for 5th grade.
 Her favorite subject is writing and her favorite sport is volleyball.
 Ella off to 3rd grade.

 They wanted to play a "game" called 'First Day of School' and have me take pics.  It was so funny!
First they "accidently" bump into each other.

Oops!  I'm sorry!
So sorry!  Let me pick those up for you.
No, Let me pick those up for you!
By the way, my name is __________.
Nice to meet you.  Whose your teacher?
Oh Yay!  We're in the same class!
We are going to learn so much.

Let me tell you a secret.
I think we are going to be best friends!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School 2012

Caleb is a 6th grader and Abby is in 5th grade.  Their bus comes at 7am.  That is early!  They had a great summer vacation and were excited for the first day of school.  
 Ella gets to sleep in a little longer.  Her bus comes 45 minutes later.  So far, she is loving 3rd grade.
 Lots of hugs before she gets on the bus.  And now I'm counting the minutes till they get home :)