Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flower Chain

Black-Eyed Susans and Brown-Eyed Ella.





She makes me happy every. single. day.  She pulled both of her teeth Sunday.  At church.
The combination of her broken arm

 plus those missing teeth = priceless!

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just the 2 of us

Wow!  A whole week with no one crawling in our bed with a bad dream, no drinks spilled at the table, no tattling, no bottoms to wipe, no Legos and Pollys to trip over, and no one else's shoes to tie.  Our kids spent the week with my parents and their cousins, so it has been just the 2 of us.

Yes, our week has been fabulous!
But, their has been no little footsteps running down the hall to tell me good morning, no one giggling in their sleep, no make believe conversations between Legoman and Pollypocket, no silly songs coming from the back seat, and no little arms to squeeze my neck too tight.  
Yes, I miss them and I can't wait to pick them up today!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun Friday

I love Fridays!  Yesterday we packed it full of fun.  First stop Starbucks family day.  Free drinks?  Yes, please!

Face painting?  Sure, I'll take a princess and

a pirate.

Coffee bean art?

Of course!

Next stop.  Children's Hospital, to have Ella's splint switched over to a cast.  Some may not consider this fun.  But she does!

Her color options were on the wall above her head.  She chose green and

purple with

blue-green glitter.  What does this match?  Absolutely nothing!

Since we were already downtown, we made a stop at Eden Park to

play on the playground before

Free Friday Night's opened at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  Once a month during the summer admission is free.  I love this city!

We met a new cashier at Kroger,

A friendly waiter

Dr. Eisenhart, the vet

and his lovely assistant.

And finally, a construction worker.

Caleb is away at Band Camp this week.  It makes me a little sad to realize he is probably enjoying Band Camp more than he would a trip to the Children's Museum.  A good reminder for me to be present and  enjoy every second of days like these.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sleeping in.  Check!

Puppet show at the library.


Catching Lightning bugs.


Swimming.  Check!

Meeting a new cousin.


Lots of coloring

And markering.




Pretty flowers in our yard.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICECREAM.


Trip to Urgent Care


Distal radius buckle fracture.  Check!

What have you been checking off your Summertime list?