Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wedding and the Wall

I was thrilled and honored when Kelly asked me to coordinate the decorations for her wedding. I had so much fun working with Kelly and I miss her so much. The idea for these tissue flowers came from a visit to Anthropologie. There was an amazing display with a tree loaded with tissue flowers. I texted Kelly the picture and we both loved it.

So I began making tissue flowers. I made zillions!

My husband was working on a landscape installation and trimming some trees. I swiped a few limbs off of his trailer (with his help, of course) and stored them behind the garage. Then with a can of spray paint I lightly frosted the branches. The limbs were bigger than they look in the picture -- they reached the ceiling!

This tree was my favorite!

The reception was a lovebird theme (kind of) but not too theme-ey.

I love the color combo the bride chose. Turquoise & Ivory with "pops" of Red.
The centerpieces were branches collected from our neighbors woods--also dusted with spraypaint, and bursting with turquoise tissue flowers.

Comargo camp dining room was transformed from a dining room to a fairytale :)
The chinese lanterns were hung with double sided tape and Kelly's dad performed a magic trick and hung all the cafe string lights. WOW! What a difference the lighting made!

And then there was the wall. Ahem...good thing none of us realized how much work this was going to be going into it. I 'LOVE' the finished product! This idea also came about from a late night browsing Anthropologie displays online, and a quick experiment in the morning with the wire on our pigeon loft. The backdrop started as a roll of chicken wire.

But ever so s--l--o--w--l--y it was transformed

We gathered more helpers along the way

Twist, push, pull, repeat. Whose idea was this???

Seriously, doesn't it look amazing!?!

Truly original, one-of-a-kind and unforgettable--just what Kelly had requested

We had 2 'trees' set up in the corners

The back of the "wall". We took turns pushing and pulling.

We added a subtle monogram J (for Jones) in the middle of the wall.

The beautiful bride. She is beautiful inside and out and was SO excited to get married.

Almost finished...Notice the table numbers Kelly made which also showed the menu on the reverse side. She also made all the flowers for the bridesmaids' and flowergirls' dresses. And cookie wedding cake favors for all the guests. And that's just the beginning of the stuff she made!

Standing back to admire

The rehearsal--My girls were beyond ecstatic to be flowergirls in the wedding. Ella practicing with Sean.

The church was beautiful so we kept the decor very simple. Willow wreaths and ribbons.

And the bride & groom's monogram for the front doors. (Erica's picture)

Ella & Sean

Abby & Duston

Don't you LOVE her colors! (Erica's picture)

Maybe I'm biased but could they be any cuter!? (Erica's picture)

Back to the reception. My mother-in-law did the dinner and as always it was exceptional!
Here is the bridal table, complete with bird cages.

Notice the cookie wedding cake favors at each place setting and the amazing salad waiting patiently for the guests.

Another close-up of the centerpieces

In addition to the cafe lights we also had votive candles scattered every couple inches--almost. The lighting was ah-mazing! (Erica's picture)

Below are the birdseed buckets Kelly put together. Did I mention that all the kids sat outside? In a tent...with butcher paper for their table cloths...and individual crayon bundles wrapped with ribbon...and heart-shaped/ wedding cake-shaped play-do (red & turquoise of course) wrapped in cellophane...that Kelly made...and baby-sitters outside so the adults could enjoy the reception inside.

And the cake, an icecream cake, with 2 lovebirds! (Erica's picture)

Kelly & Brandon Jones

Carl & I at the reception

At the end of the night we found Ella under a table, back in her playclothes, in a pile of ribbon, exhausted.
The end!


Rob and Deanna said...

I love the "behind-the-scenes view" of the wedding. I didn't have a camera so I really enjoy the pics of my kids during reception, etc....

Janie said...

by the way...Kelly gets her mad DIY skills from her mom who made all bridesmaids dresses, altered all the flower girls' dresses and the bride's wedding dress, and made all the table runners!

Misty said...

It looks beautiful!!! The kids all looked great too =) The outside tent for the kids is a fabulous idea!

Kelly Jones said...

So I don't know how many times I can say this without coming off stale, but you seriously made all my dreams of my wedding come true! That reception was beautiful!
It was the perfect atmosphere to celebrate in!
I'm thinking you should open an etsy shop ;)

Mom Brock said...

Beautiful decorating , Janie!...Pretty unique! When are you going to hang up your shingle...or post your web sight???? Loved the GRAND little flower girls!!

Gayle said...

Janie, You did an awesome Job! I could not believe how beautiful the dining room looked! It was a beautiful wedding!

Stephanie said...

Etsy? Yes. But seriously perhaps a future in decorating?! You are my DIY hero!

Dana @ House*Tweaking said...

All the ways that you fenagled the tissue paper into beautiful decor are amazing!!! My sister's best friend is getting married next summer and has asked me to help out with decorations. I'm definitely going to show her these pics! Thanks!

The Dickinsons said...

I don't know if I ever saw this post until tonight, but Kelly's wedding and reception were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Y'all did a great job!! I loved everything and was SO GLAD that God sent us little Mary so we could come back to the USA and attend. =)