Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching Up

So Blogger has not been loading my pictures correctly for years. months. weeks. So now I'm blogging the hard way. (not using Picasa) Now where were we? Back up a few weeks.
Columbus. Hugs. Girlfriends. FirstWatch. Catching Up. Graeters. Shopping. Italian Food. Shopping. Need I say more?

I've decided Idaho is just way to far away.

As soon as it starts warming up outside, we like to take walks down to the water tower at the end of our street. Ella was taking forEVER to get ready. So Isaac and I started without her.

I said, "C'mon, Ella, this is not a fashion show" as I was walking out the door.

Then she shows up. Headband? check. Purse? check. Stuffed Animal? check. Sunglasses? check.
I was just having fun playing with my camera

After a few lots of pictures Isaac was done. NO MORE pictures, Mommy!

Then Ella flashes me her million-dollar smile and says, "See Mom, it is a fashion show!"

She has been wanting to make these fruity pebble marshmallow treats, so we finally did. She thought they were amazing.

My kids LOVE "helping" in the kitchen.

And I love every

minute I get to spend with them!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aruna 5K

I will be running the Aruna 5k on April 16th. I have wanted to run a 5k ever since hearing my friend Stephanie talk about it.

Stephanie has been running since she was born ran several 5k's and really inspired me to try it. It has been a goal in the back of my head for a while. Early this year Corrie told me about the Aruna 5k and really motivated me to put my goal into action.

Corrie and I started training together once a week. Since then, Carl decided to run the Aruna 5k and we have been running together several times a week. The race is actually the weekend of our 15th wedding anniversary.

Carl is a great coach and has really encouraged my to stick with it and really motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and RUN. The Aruna 5k race is a run for freedom.

We are raising money for young girls from India who are victims of human trafficking. To sponsor me in my first 5k, just click the picture below. You can donate ANY amount and I would be so thankful!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anatomy of a Lamp

I found this lamp at Crate and Barrel a few months ago and LOVED it! But, $79 ? Um...no thanks.
Then I found this vase at HomeGoods.


A $4 lamp from GoodWill

Disected the lamp

And put it back together

Added a $12.99 lampshade from HomeGoods

And it works!

And I love it!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

PJ's & Pillows

Yep! That's really all you need for tons of fun and hysterical laughter.

Who knew

a few pillows

and PJ's could be

this much fun!?

In other news...Caleb had a paper and school project due last week. He could choose any historical figure he admired for his project. He had to write a paper and make his character using a 2-liter bottle.

Any guesses?

C'mon...The ponytail? The flag? The pencil?

The song?

Yes, he chose Francis Scott Key, writer of our National Anthem. And I learned a lot about Frank (his nickname) myself :)

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