Wednesday, January 30, 2013


jan 23
sew happy.

jan 24
in the kitchen.

jan 25
three school lunches. peanut butter jelly.  mustard no mayo.  mayo no mustard.  every. day.

jan 26
late night gorcery shopping.

jan 27
sunday morning

jan 28
rainy day.  water color painting.

jan 29
date with daddy.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

"A" reason to celebrate

Happy report cards are a great reason to celebrate!

So proud of all their hard work!  Another thing that makes me happy?  This circle crop app I found.  Love it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


jan 12
reading library books.  by himself.

jan 13
sunday morning.

jan 14
numb smile

jan 15
stained glass windows.  gbs.

jan 16
happy feet.

jan 17
goodbye kisses.

jan 18
target.  red stickers.

jan 19
more shopping.  goodwill.

jan 20
birthday cake.  for me.

jan 21
a valentines project

jan 22
8 degrees. brrrr.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

From hope chest to bench - A before and after

I have wanted to refinish a piece of furniture for a while and my hope chest was the perfect candidate.  Carl got me this one year for Christmas after we had dated for a while.  I absolutely loved it and filled it with all kinds of wedding things.  Several years ago it got damaged during the move into our home.  I still used it for storage and hated to get rid of it because it was very special to me.

But, I desperately wanted a bench for the foot of my bed.

So, I used the top of my hope chest, a few dollars worth of fabric from JoAnn's

And some legs from Lowe's

I just turned the fabric upside down over the bench, pinched the corners down, and pinned with a safety pin, removed the fabric and put a few stitches in with a needle and thread

cut off the excess fabric, and just slid it back over the bench.  Then screwed in the legs.

That's it.  Done!  I love the texture and how sheep-skin-ee this feels.  And I love how super soft it is.  And I still have a part of my hope chest that I love!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Picture a Day ~ Insta-Wednesday

One random goal I have this new year is to take a picture a day.  One thing I love about my iphone is how easy an convenient it is to capture moments. I plan to edit one (or two) picture a day with instagram and post them weekly.  Here we go!

jan 1
icecream bars. midnight.

jan 1
brand new year.

jan 2

jan 3
i resolve to eat more icecream.

jan 4
buddies. chikfila. playland.

jan 5
surprise party.  chipotle.

jan 6
packed for church. christmas gifts. hope she's quiet.

jan 7
handwarmers.  gel.  reusuable. so cute.

jan 8
piano lesson.  best teacher.

jan 8
scrabble. corrie.

jan 9
denist. fake brave face.

jan 10
poor isaac.

jan 11
windows open. 61 degrees.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Abby turns 11

Abby has been really wanting to learn how to knit.  For Christmas we got her a knitting class from JoAnn Fabrics.

A few days before her birthday was the day of her class.

She knew absolutely nothing about knitting when the class began.  And this is what she had knitted when I picked her up a few hours later!  So cool!

Since it was her birthday weekend I told her I would take her out for lunch after knitting

But she was completely surprised when Grandma


Ella and Anna showed up!

I completely loved watching her open her gifts

Here's why!

To top the day off, a shopping trip to the mall.

A few days later, on her "real" birthday.  Pappy and Grammy took us all out to dinner to celebrate.  We ended the evening back home to have birthday cake.

I'm thinking 11 years old is a pretty big deal!