Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Picture a Day ~ Insta-Wednesday

One random goal I have this new year is to take a picture a day.  One thing I love about my iphone is how easy an convenient it is to capture moments. I plan to edit one (or two) picture a day with instagram and post them weekly.  Here we go!

jan 1
icecream bars. midnight.

jan 1
brand new year.

jan 2

jan 3
i resolve to eat more icecream.

jan 4
buddies. chikfila. playland.

jan 5
surprise party.  chipotle.

jan 6
packed for church. christmas gifts. hope she's quiet.

jan 7
handwarmers.  gel.  reusuable. so cute.

jan 8
piano lesson.  best teacher.

jan 8
scrabble. corrie.

jan 9
denist. fake brave face.

jan 10
poor isaac.

jan 11
windows open. 61 degrees.


Stephanie said...

I realize I always am saying this on your blog...but...LOVE. IT.

I gotta get me some instagram! Love this new years goal for you.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Love this idea! ~Carla~