Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Race and a Reunion

Steph and I ran the Veterans 5k in Mason a couple weeks ago.  She's my BFF from far away in Idaho and was in town for a wedding.  As you may know, Steph is my running hero and it has been my dream to race with her.

Let me tell you, she did not disappoint!  The race was SO much fun!  Before the race I warned her that I do not chit-chat while I'm running.  "Me neither" said Steph.  BUT since she is from Idaho (elevation 3000 feet) and I'm from Cincinnati (elevation 200 feet)  She had quite the edge on me.  Those Idahoan lungs of hers are very well trained and she never got out of breath once.  Meanwhile I'm staggering along, barely able to breathe while she chit-chat's non-stop -- the entire race.  Although I was able to get a few sentences in.  Like:
I hate running!
This is so stupid!
Why did you talk me into this?
You are NOT my hero!
Racing is dumb!
You call this fun?
I hate running!
But, the best part of the race was The Finish Line.  We had decided to sprint when we saw the 3 mile marker.  So we did.  We ran like the wind.  SO FAST!  About 4 strides from the finish line I was completely beat and slowed down and Steph was a stride ahead of me.  Then a someone shouted from the sidelines "DON"T LET HER BEAT YOU!"  I'm not sure who they were shouting at but it gave me the jolt I needed to cross the finish line exactly 1 second before Steph :)  Clocking in at 33:44.  I know she could have left me in the dust the whole race, but I gotta say I was on cloud 9 when I crossed the line!  Such a fun race!

I also got to meet her new (to me) baby, Grant.  What a cutie!

and our kids got to play together. 

And the next day we consumed several scoops of Graeter's icecream, to celebrate our race :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

An Anniversary Project

I love silhouettes!  I have admired them in blogland for a while now.
I think this room with the silhouettes in IKEA frames is fabulous!
And I fell in love with this entire home in blogland one day.  I love the idea of silhouettes in the bedroom.
So I attempted our own silhouettes for an anniversary project.
Step 1. Have your daughter take pictures in front of a window.
Step 2. Hold plain white paper (it took 2 sheets) up to computer screen and trace profile with pencil.
Fill in image with pencil. Hang paper on wall with hot glue for about a month while deciding how to transfer it to canvas.
Step 3. Score canvases at HobbyLobby for 3 bucks a piece! Cut out penciled silhouette and trace onto canvas with black sharpie.
Isn't it funny how you add one new piece
and suddenly your room 
seems brand new?
Step 4.  Stand back and tilt head left. right. left.  Trying to decide if the silhouette actually resembles yourself.  What do you think?  Are they recognizable? 

Friday, June 17, 2011


"Of all the treasures life may bring
Family means the most
Whether near or far apart
Our love will hold us close"

Last weekend our whole family got to be together.  It was great spending time together.  Love them!
Carl and I at dinner that evening

all the girls

My wonderful parents :)

Can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's out and another birthday

The last few weeks have been filled with field trips and field days, a McDonalds brunch, Castle Skateland, Whippy Dip, UDF, and end of school parties.  
Caleb doing a backward relay

at 4th grade's field day.

 Abby's class prepares for Tug-of-War.  Check out her game face.  I'm pretty sure the other team was intimidated!

Although she's the smallest in her class, I'm not sure they would have won without her :)  Her class ended up taking first place out of her entire grade!

My baby turned 4 yesterday.  He makes me smile.  I am so thankful God gave him to us!  When he gets in trouble, he is sure to let me know it was only an acci-did'nt.   He loves to sing, is very competitive, and loves any game that includes a ball.  He loves his siblings.  He is a complementer.  Many times through out the day he will come up to me and say, I like you, Mom.  I like him too!
Grammy made him a special Sunday dinner including a yummy Old Black Joe cake. 

On his birthday he wanted roasted hotdogs

 and to eat outside

Holding up his 4 fingers

 He was SO excited to open presents

I just stayed out of his way

Then we enjoyed the rest of the evening quietly sitting by the fire. 

trying to block out the sounds of sword fights 

high-pitched screaming, and chasing

and punching

I'm pretty sure there were some tears immediately after this picture and someone ended up on the ground

but we all survived.  And went to sleep happy :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camping Cave Run Lake

We have gone camping 10 out of the last 12 Memorial Day weekends.
Cave Run Lake is our favorite spot.







Grammy's Cooking




It was fun. Lots of fun, and lots of memories made.