Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's out and another birthday

The last few weeks have been filled with field trips and field days, a McDonalds brunch, Castle Skateland, Whippy Dip, UDF, and end of school parties.  
Caleb doing a backward relay

at 4th grade's field day.

 Abby's class prepares for Tug-of-War.  Check out her game face.  I'm pretty sure the other team was intimidated!

Although she's the smallest in her class, I'm not sure they would have won without her :)  Her class ended up taking first place out of her entire grade!

My baby turned 4 yesterday.  He makes me smile.  I am so thankful God gave him to us!  When he gets in trouble, he is sure to let me know it was only an acci-did'nt.   He loves to sing, is very competitive, and loves any game that includes a ball.  He loves his siblings.  He is a complementer.  Many times through out the day he will come up to me and say, I like you, Mom.  I like him too!
Grammy made him a special Sunday dinner including a yummy Old Black Joe cake. 

On his birthday he wanted roasted hotdogs

 and to eat outside

Holding up his 4 fingers

 He was SO excited to open presents

I just stayed out of his way

Then we enjoyed the rest of the evening quietly sitting by the fire. 

trying to block out the sounds of sword fights 

high-pitched screaming, and chasing

and punching

I'm pretty sure there were some tears immediately after this picture and someone ended up on the ground

but we all survived.  And went to sleep happy :)


Rob and Deanna said...

Aww, enjoyed your fun pictures. Isaac is such a Lil' sweetheart! He may be little, but he sure is MIGHTY :-) Big Personality & Voice to match ;-) Love him & all of you!

Barb said...

Loved the pics..What a happy little Isaac...so spontaneous and excited about the little things in life! Also enjoyed the'Intense' field day!

Keith and Crystal said...

I SO enjoyed all the pictures of the last two posts - LOVE the one of you and Carl at sunset!!!

It looks like your little man had a wonderful birthday. We have crazy days here, too. :)

I'm sure you all are enjoying summer - we sure are!

Have a great weekend.

The Dickinsons said...

Janie, what fun pics! I cannot believe Isaac is 4! Cute cake! I loved his "acci-didn't" word! Too cute!

Stephanie said...

He is so adorable ~ the big 4!