Monday, June 20, 2011

An Anniversary Project

I love silhouettes!  I have admired them in blogland for a while now.
I think this room with the silhouettes in IKEA frames is fabulous!
And I fell in love with this entire home in blogland one day.  I love the idea of silhouettes in the bedroom.
So I attempted our own silhouettes for an anniversary project.
Step 1. Have your daughter take pictures in front of a window.
Step 2. Hold plain white paper (it took 2 sheets) up to computer screen and trace profile with pencil.
Fill in image with pencil. Hang paper on wall with hot glue for about a month while deciding how to transfer it to canvas.
Step 3. Score canvases at HobbyLobby for 3 bucks a piece! Cut out penciled silhouette and trace onto canvas with black sharpie.
Isn't it funny how you add one new piece
and suddenly your room 
seems brand new?
Step 4.  Stand back and tilt head left. right. left.  Trying to decide if the silhouette actually resembles yourself.  What do you think?  Are they recognizable? 


Keith and Crystal said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! You did a great job. :D

.......... said...

Stunning. I LOVE your creativity. ~Carla~

Gayle said...

Awesome!!! Love it!!!

Barb said...

Amazing !

Anonymous said...


The Dickinsons said...

very cute!! And yes, I think they look just like y'all! =)

Stephanie said...

Love. It.