Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comargo Camp

We had a wonderful time at Comargo Camp. My kids cried almost every evening when it was time to leave. "Why can't we have Camp for at least a whole month?" they wanted to know. The services were wonderful and I had fun helping out in the kitchen. I love spending time with the ladies from our Camp. My children really enjoyed the children's services with the Candy Land theme. I have a ton of pictures I wanted to post so I'm keeping them small! Please click to supersize if you wish.

Ice Lady Sharon

Deanna & Duston with the glasses the servers wore

The kitchen crew with flowers for "the boss"

Children's program

Corn-shucking contest boys vs. girls

The high chair train

Caleb gets beat by Anna at UNO

Nate & Ella coloring

Smiling Debbie

Deanna's famous salad bar YUM!

the cooks' table

these girls kidnapped Isaac and brought him back as a girl!

tortilla soup coming up MMMMM

Yummy desserts

Here is my new favorite picture of Isaac taken by up and coming photographer, Abby!

OK I'm bragging - look how well he's holding his head up! No, he's not really "playing" with the toys there - but he was looking at them!!


Janella said...

Camp looks like fun! I bet you slept good at night. I know the lady in front with the desserts. I grew up going to camp with her family. Does she go to your church? I was about the age of her sister Jennifer.
The pictures of Isaac are adorable..of course!
Does school start Thur? Forgive my memory, I think its gone:( Love, Janella

Rob and Deanna said...

I am so jealous! You always get the BEST pictures!! By the way, that one of Sean, I think we kidnapped your camera thinking it was Sis. E's. :-) The salad bar is your MOTHER-In-Law's brain child!, I just follow orders! ;-)

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures they are great. We had a great time at camp and wish we could have been there a lot more than we were. Also, the picture that Abby took was great! She did an awesome job. Michelle J

Stephanie said...


Isaac was SO playing with those toys, come on now. You KNOW that if he is holding his head up so well then he is certainly chewing on that teether toy. He IS Wonder Boy! And, it's okay to be know in that good, holiness sense. LOL!

~Heather~ said...

Camp sounds GREAT! I loved all the fun pics! We hope to get to come some year!


He's doing GREAT holding his head up.
He looks like he needs kisses from "Aunt Heather" in Colombia! =)

Love, Heather =)

Deanna Mander said...

Wow I miss you! want to go shopping? Boy would I love to receive that phone call! You look great, and of course your kids are gorgeous!