Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally, A Gallery Wall

So I've had this stash of frames sitting in a pile for years  months weeks just waiting to become a gallery wall.  Some I've had forever and some I recently got from Goodwill (all spray-painted white).  Janella stopped in to see me one day and she decided my frames had been in a pile long enough!  I agreed, but didn't know what wall I wanted to make a commitment to 37 (almost) nail holes.
She helped me choose this wall, and now it is no longer nail hole free.
We started hammering and nailing and measuring (with our eyes not a measuring tape) and hammering and nailing.  And then she left me all alone to pick up her kids from school.
By myself.  With no clue what to do, and all alone with all these nail holes in my wall. After many more nails, and a lot of trial and error it began to look more like this.
And then like this!
A feather from our pigeon loft,
Pictures of all the kids and some fabric swatches,
The deer antlers (spray painted white) that I found in the woods while shed-hunting with Carl
Seashells from our family vacation
Race tags from our first 5k 
This lovely rose picture I picked up from Goodwill
A little chalkboard paint, a little spray paint...

 and some pretty chalk :)   Oh!  and a letter from my sweetheart from 1993.  It's practically vintage!  I had completely forgotten that he sent me mail.  Real mail, with stamps, and an envelope, and a postmark and everything!
I don't think my wall is completely "done", but I love the way it's coming together :)    And I love that all it took was:
-a few frames from goodwill
-spray paint
-leftover scrapbook paper from Brayden's baby mobile
-chalkboard paint leftover from kitchen cupboards
-a fabric swatch
-some tokens of special memories 
-and a swift kick into action from Janella :)


Rob and Deanna said...

You are So creative & Great at decorating! I love this!! Can't believe you painted that "vintage" pic from G.W. though (gasp)

Keith and Crystal said...

Yes, I was thinking the same thing about the lovely picture from GW - what a shame - LOL! Totally kidding!! I was actually shocked when I saw it and thought "surely NOT" I was happy to see the chalk. :D

Your wall looks GREAT!!!! I love everything about it!!

Keith and Crystal said...

In answer to your question, we have a little place here in town that is kind of like a food market/nursery/spice shop. LOL They sell all kinds of seeds and she had seed peanuts. She just gave me the left overs from last year in the spring and I planted them. :)

I think you could find them online, too. They were FUN to grow.

The Dickinsons said...

Looks really cute, Janie. Love the letter from your sweetheart, your deer antlers, your race tags, your feather and all of the fun pics of your beautiful family! =)


Gayle said...

LOve It!! Please come do mine!!:)

Barb said...

Wall looks beautiful...You are amazing!

The Dickinsons said...

Very cool. -k!mberly

Daryl Hausman said...

I love it... now you'll have to come choose a wall for me at our Haus! But you Can't "leave me to go pick up your kids" you'll just have to bring them with you! ;)
Fun, I love all the different type things you added to make it YOU!
love ya,

Leah said...

Love this wall! I would be so nervous to put that many nails in the wall as well. Sometimes friends are great at getting projects off the ground...literally :)