Saturday, August 10, 2013

Insta-July (A visit with friends)

july 2
Rediscovering old friends.  A wonderful visit with a faraway (and a not so faraway) friend.  So fun to see our kids becoming friends too!
Ella and Madeline
Jenna and Abby

Ready to play

Grant's face is killing me in this picture! Um...Mom, why are you acting like this in public?!

And now he's giving me "the look"

Then we settled down and tried to take a normal picture.

For some reason, every time we are together we always end up at a icecream place.  Few thing are more fun that chasing each other around the table.


july 3
Need I say more?
Pretty, pretty flowers!

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Stephanie said...

Awwww! Nothing better than time with bffs. :)