Friday, March 30, 2012

A Conglomeration

conglomeration - noun
an occurrence combining miscellaneous things into a rounded mass (or in my case, a post!)
I know I've mentioned before how much we love our trampoline.  And I know I've mentioned before my dad is 70.  
 But have I ever mentioned how much my kids love having my 70 year old dad jump on the trampoline with them?
 Caleb loved Nate's profile pic on facebook, so wanted to try his own imitation.
 Love it!
 Of course, Isaac had to bust out his own moves!
Ricky's fiancee, Lisa.  Yes, she looks like a friendly dental assistant.  And she did help me so much to get through some major dentist drama.
But, trust me, looks can be very deceiving!  She is NOT friendly when she has her tools out!
Is there anything more luxurious than having someone pump gas for you?

Happy Spring!
Checking out our neighbors new baby chicks

The kids are on Spring Break this week and the weather has been beautiful!
Yesterday we went to the park and
 did some of this
 and some of this
 And when Carl got home from work we did some of this!
 Another thing I love about Spring.  Freckles. Can't get enough!
Abby got up this morning and wanted to make pancakes.
 Not just any pancakes
 Happy pancakes.  A great way to start the weekend!  Hope your weekend is as happy as pancakes!


Daryl Hausman said...

Adorable pictures! I love all of the fun shots you get of your kids!
the Hausmans

Anonymous said...

issac is soo cute doing his trampolline thingy!!!!


Barb said...

Amazing...'specially the "old man" jumping with the Grands,and Caleb, looking like a Nike Ad. and of course little Isaac,not to be outdone and sweet Lisa in her professional dental garb. Martha Stewarts' Happy Pancake Cake House looks like the place to be!!

Stephanie said...

Loving the "conglomeration" and the pancakes. I may or may not have licked the screen.