Monday, April 30, 2007


The kids found this caterpillar out in the yard and spent about an hour watching it crawl and playing with it. I'm sure the caterpillar was exausted by the time they let it go! I had my OB checkup today and my Dr's guessing I'll go 1-2 weeks early. Yeah!

I also did a research study today for Crest ProHealth products. I had to "shop" with my shopping cart thru a pretend store and give my opinion on Crest displays and product labels for their new mouthwash. Hey, I'll get paid to shop any day!! :)


Misty said...


Wow! Your kids are getting big! They grow so fast :-) I love your little countdown for the baby, Congrats!!

If you all ever decide you need a Florida vacation, let us know!


Gayle said...

I know one thing they don't take after their grammy when it comes to anything that looks like a snake,worm,etc. I'm sure you loved that study! Wow to get paid for shopping sounds fun!

Martha said...

Crest products, huh? Well, personally I prefer to use my own concoction of good old baking soda and great for the teeth - false or your own, and very organic, of course. Now, if only I could get my baking soda to take on a minty flavor. Perhaps that's how I could spend my rainy day today - developing minty baking soda. It's an idea, I say, I say. Perhaps it will be a feature in my Living magazine for next month.

janie said...

come on martha! haven't you thought of adding mint to your baking soda concoction? Mint is a very organic leaf I'm sure you are aware of!!