Sunday, April 15, 2007

Try again!

OK I re-did my blog so hopefully the "comments" will work this time. Carl & I celebrated our 11th anniversary this week. We went out to dinner and then to Graeter's YUM!! Only 8 weeks left until my due date (June 10th) but I've been a week early with my other 3 so I'll just say 7 weeks left :) I am trying to get Caleb finished up with Kindergarten. We're aiming to be done May 11. I think I am just as excited as he is to be finishing up!


Gayle said...

That Graters ice cream looks delicious! I not trying to be selfish ,but I am hoping you are not early! I would love to be celabrating my birthday while you are in the delivery room!:)
Love ya bunches,
Mom Eisenhart

~Heather~ said...

YEA!!! Now we can comment! I love to stay in touch with these blogs. Graters icecream is the best...Phillip and I have a lot of fun memories eating that icecream! Congrats on 11 years, and on the new baby coming soon. You look cute. =)
Love, Heather

Beth Dickinson said...

Congrats on 11 years. I love your blog. You are doing a great job;-)

Stephanie said...

Black raspberry chip is THE best kind, you know.