Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two of my favorite people!

My mom, my sister, and me at IHC. Two of my best friends in the world!! Julie celebrated her 30-something birthday this week. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE!!!


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Your "little/big" belly looks really cute!
LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! (Best blogger on the blog.)
Love Ya, Julie

Susanna Pilmore said...

This is such a great picture of all of you!! You sure are one of the few that truly looks beautiful pregnant!!!

Beth Dickinson said...

Thats a good pic of you all.

Happy Birthday Julie.

~Heather~ said...

Janie, little turkey...I read my comments and when I read that you wanted to share YOUR LATEST, Most FAVORITE RECIPE WITH ME....I GOT SO EXCITED...ONLY TO READ ON THAT IT WAS BROWNIES IN A TUBE! =) I love the pic of you and your Mom, and Julie....HOW CUTE! Happy Birthday to Julie!

Take care, Heather

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Great picture of you 3! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great!! I love the picture of you your sis and mom.
Love, Nella