Friday, May 25, 2007

Big News!

OK... no, the baby has not been born. The big news is Ella is potty trained! Yeah!!! It's official, she has been 2 weeks in training pants with only 1 accident! I am very excited and she seems very proud of herself! The best part is she was MUCH easier than Caleb & Abby ( I think I tried too soon with them) and has mostly trained herself. (I hated when other mothers would tell me that about their kids) Anyway, no more more diapers till the baby is born-- and I'm celebrating!!!


Misty said...

I was wondering this morning about your baby, but you know that as soon as this little guy is born your mom will call my mom, etc LOL

I am totally jealous about the potty training!! Karissa loves wearing her big girl panties, and does good if I remind her, but she seems to have much better things to do than remember to go by herself!! So, some days are good....other days, I finally pull out the pull-ups!

Have a good weekend!

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Way to GO, EllA!!!

~Heather~ said...

I keep checking in to see if there is baby news!
CONGRATS to Ella! That's VERY exciting for Ella and for Mommy...and for the wallet too! ;) We were sooo blessed...for when we found out we were expecting Noah...some dear friends in our church told us that they would buy all our diapers for that baby...and they did until we had to move to Costa Rica! Such a blessing on a pastor's salary!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Love, Heather =)

Susanna Pilmore said...

Hooray for Ella!!!!! Just in time to start over again!!! Changing diapers are sure worth it for the blessing of having a baby!!!

Stephanie said...

Yeah for Ella - but also Yeah for mommy! You go girl!