Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Ella!

Elisabeth Jane turns 3 years old today. Where did my baby go? Looking through these pictures brought tears to my eyes as I realize even more how quickly time goes by. I want to make sure to cherish every moment. Truly children are a precious gift from God. Ella has brought so much sunshine and laughter into our lives. She is very spontaneous and mischievious! Her eyes are the color of the darkest chocolate and her smile lights up my world.

Cherish every moment!!

Eventually I will get the perfect smile!!


Stephanie said...

Girl - You take the BEST pictures! Love the montage of Ella at the end. Too cute!

Off the subject...please tell me you are not going camping!!!!!!!! LOL!

Janella said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!! My favorite pics are the one where your trying to get a smile too cute!

Tamra said...

Love all the pics. Especially the first one of her all dressed up. Enjoyed the ones of her "hamming it up" also.

~Heather~ said...

Janie, LOVED all the pics of Ella...she is just adorable. Phillip and I cracked up at the pics of her with you trying to get a smile out of her. That is like Noah...he CHEESES this GREAT FAKE smile, and then if you really try to get him to smile, he may just frown, or end up in tears, or make a VERY WIERD we normally just opt for the FAKE SMILE! =)
Janie, you are right, these YEARS fly by, and we need to cherish the times with our babies...and teach them all we can about Jesus.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Love, Heather =)