Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I love being a mom!!

They put the color inside my world.

My wonderful mother-in-law with Michele and Carl!
Happy Mother's Day!!

Carl & the kids got me these beautiful hydrangeas.
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Gayle said...

You are a wonderful Mom Janie!
We love you with all our heart!

Stephanie said...

You are a beautiful mom - inside and out! Your grandma would be proud..."Beauty is a beauty does." I love you! Happy Mother's Day to one of my bestest friends who cheers me when I have a down mommy day!

~Heather~ said...

Love the flowers you got for Mother's Day, and the pic of your kids is PRECIOUS...great lighting. Love the one of you and the kids too, you are a great Mother. And the one of Sis. E and her children was sweet too.
Enjoyed seeing the pics and reading the post on your blog!

Love, Heather =)

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Such a beautful picture of you Janie with you flowers!! Adorable pictures of your children.

Tamra said...

Another great pic of your kids (the others are good too...this is just exceptionally good, in my humble opinion). I love how the sunshine is "peeking" at their faces. You ought to have that one blown up to hang on a wall. Carl did good with the beautiful flowers. I never grow tired of receiving flowers as gifts.

Beth Dickinson said...

Love all the picturs. Hope you had a GREAT MOTHER'S DAY.

You are a great mommy!


Misty said...

Janie, the pictures are beautiful!! Abby looks so much like you :-) I love the flowers!
Have a great week!!
Love, Misty

Mom said...

DEAREST DAUGHTER, When I awakened on Mother's Day AM, I felt like the happiest mother in the world... I couldn't think of any one happier...... unless it would be YOU, Janie.God has filled your nest with three beautiful cildren, and we can't wait for # 4 to get snuggled in the nest!! The blessings of being "MOTHERS TOGETHER' is beyond expression.