Saturday, May 5, 2007

My week in pictures

We picked out some plants and Carl did some landscaping this week. It turned out great!!


I got to spend some time with my family this week in Indiana. Here is a picture of my Dad. ( I think I took this when he was reading my camera manual to give me some tips)

Best Cousins!!
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Janella said...

your landscaping looks great! I did that last week too, I'll havepics laterLove, Janella

~Heather~ said...

Cute pics and the landscaping looks GREAT! Glad to see your Dad in a pic too!
Nice boat too! =)
Love, Heather

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Landscape looks great! Are you adding flowers or just leaving this one a perennial bed? The "cousins" are so cute. :-)

Misty said...

I love the picture of your dad, that is a classic!

Kaitlyn and Abby look so cute! They both look like their mommies :-) Julie needs a blog!