Saturday, June 16, 2007

My week

I am enjoying my baby so much! He has been taking 2-3 hour naps and has slept a 5 hour block almost every night. I'm sure his naps are shorter during the day because he has so many people (Caleb, Abby Ella) "checking" on him. We have had different friends from church bring dinner every night this week. It has been WONDERFUL! We have had lasagna, enchiladas, grilled chicken, pizza spaghetti casserole, ham and fried chicken. And of course all the yummy stuff to go with it and then some amazing desserts! I made my first venture out with 4 kids on Wednesday. Isaac had his one-week checkup and then we went to see a children's comedian/ magician at the library. I still have not braved the grocery store yet. That's my goal for next week. Of course I can't have a blog entry without some pictures! I love taking pictures. Here are some favorites from this past week.

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Michelle said...

Janie, He is beautiful! It is so awesome to see young mothers that absolutely LOVE being a mom! It is a huge encouragement to me. And, you take GREAT pictures! Michelle J

~Heather~ said...

He's ADORABLE! I LOVED ALL THE PRECIOUS, CUTE PICS!! You go girl...venturing out with 4. WHEW! I'm sure it will get easier with practice, but it does seem a little overwhelming just thinking about this Mommy of just 3 kids! I'm proud of you. =)

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

Love, Heather =)

Tamra said...

He is a doll (as well as the other three)!

Beth Dickinson said...

He is so beautiful!


Stephanie said...

Janie - you need to be a photographer! Your photos are better than anyone's - I mean it. I especially love the naked picture. That is adorable! How ever did you get him to not have any clothes on and not be screaming?!

Grocery store, here we come - beware! You are so brave.

Rob and Deanna said...

He is so DEAR! I was so disappointed I didn't get a chance to hold him yet. :-( Maybe I'll just have to come over and visit sometime this week. You are so good at taking pictures. You need to give me some tips! :-)

Misty said...

He is such a doll! I am glad your church is so supportive with the meals, isn't that great? Grocery stores are definitely scary! Good luck!! Oh, if you would be interested in a baby sling, I would be glad to make one for you, just e-mail me!