Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, Happy MLK Day, Happy Valentines Day!

Here's a few pictures from over the last week, month, couple months, OK....several months!
The girls in their Christmas PJ's

Caleb lost 4 teeth within a few weeks!

Sugar and Spice

My sunshine!

Picture day at school.

Smiley Face!

Isaac showing off his new teeth (and his standing skills)

Me and Julie on my birthday. We celebrated at Cheesecake Factory. Yummy!

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Michele said...

Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging! We've missed you! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I have the cutest neices and nephews around!
Love ya!

Michelle said...

I am glad to see some new pictures!!! Your children are beautiful!!!!Have a wonderful day. Michelle J

Rob and Deanna said...

So Glad your included MLK Day, Janie!
Your kiddos are all so Photogenic!! I love the sisters picture, plus the rest are Adorable too!

Misty said...

Thanks for sharing the new pictures! I missed your posts. Oh and you missed Groundhog day :-)


Gayle said...

Welcome Back! You also missed Lincolns Birthday and Lunar New Year:)
Love ya!

Ashley said...

I love you Janie. You are strong, amazing and beautiful. I love seeing your family and seeing God's grace in your life!! You are an inspiration.
Love Ashley

Janella said...

So happy to see you in blogger land:) Love the "frosting on the cake"

Anonymous said...

So glad your back!! (isn't that what I'm spos to say??) Anyway, LOVE the pics, love the blog and LOVE YOU!!!

Floridas Brother said...

So good to see you girls again. It has been a long time since we have seen you in PNG. Glad to see that life is good to both...Hope Dad and Mom are doing great.

Stephanie said...

Love the updated blog - especially the title and color! Great black & white pics of the kids (and you too!)

~Heather~ said...

Janie, Loved all of the new ADORABLE pics, your cute blog template, and the update!
Can't wait to see you and your family soon!
Tell Abby and Ella that our girls loved getting their comment on my blog. And to answer your girls' question...yes, the "tea" at their tea part was good...although Kimberly and Sarah laughed the whole time, for the tea set dishes were WAY TOO SMALL to really work. =D
Love y'all! =)

Mom Brock said...

Your upgraded blog is CUTE AND CLEVER....just like YOU!
love, MOM