Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Welcome IKEA! Ohioans just got our first IKEA and it's only minutes from us. We took our first trip this week and of course had to blog the excitement. If you've never been to IKEA you've got to go. It is a Swedish home furnishings store with incredible prices. You browse through rooms and small homes and can purchase anything from the floor, the window coverings, the furniture, the appliances, the cabinets, and the salt and pepper shaker in the cabinets, and the dish towel hanging on the stove. It is 344,000 square feet so take your walking shoes. We ate at the Swedish restaurant/cafeteria in the store. Kids meals start at .99 including drinks! Every product has a funky Swedish name that you have no clue how to pronounce. We had so much fun the first time, we went back the next day with Grammy and Michele & Nate!

IKEA here we come

Looking for a parking place

Isaac loves IKEA!

Notice the flag on the cart advertising their kid's meals (IKEA prides themselves in being very child-friendly) they even have complimentary diapers in their family restroom!

This is SMALAND, a supervised children's play area where they can play while you shop!

Our purchases, Caleb got a PLUTT for his stuffed animals, Ella got KALAS plasticware, Abby got GLIS containers -- total $5.31 -- I love this place!

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Gayle said...

I loved going with you to Ikea! Can't wait to go back! The food was delicious and cheap!

Rob and Deanna said...

I definitely need to go visit this store. Some place to leave my children while I shop sounds GreaAt to Me! ;-)

Stephanie said...

IKEA, here I come! I need some PHYTIS!!! Oh, and some..GRUEDISWES! Oh, and another KEPBFEX! Definitely one of those.


Lorna said...

Haha all of us Wed. morning volunteers are gunna go on a lil field trip there sometime after they have been open for a while lol!! no haha we do joke about it tho and I think it would be fun!! Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself it does look veryy NeAt!!

Michelle said...

That sounds like my kind of store. I will have to figure out where it is (that could take a while) and visit.