Monday, June 9, 2008

Isaac turns 1

A one-year-old son is so many things,
a tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
a hugger of teddies, a sweet sleepyhead,
and someone to dream for in bright years ahead…

A special new person who, right from the start,
has a place in the family and, of course, in your heart.

And, just when you think that you’ve learned all the things
that your dear son is and the joy that he brings,
a hug or a grin comes with such sweet surprise
that love finds you smiling with tears in your eyes!

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scottandkris said...

love, love, love Isaac's eyes! Can't believe he's 1!!! It seems like yesterday he was only 6 months and we were shopping at Castleton...and now Kenzie's 6 crazy!!

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Isaac. We love you!

Michele said...

Happy belated birthday to the cutest 1yr. old I know. Hugs and kisses from Uncle Randy, Aunt Chele and Nate!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable. Beautiful eyes!!

Denise said...

Oh, Janie! He's SO Beautiful! I, too, can't believe he's already one! Such a dollie!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Little boy!! What gifts those big blue eyes are!!

Misty said...

What a cutie!