Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love summer! We have gone through TONS of popsicles! Caleb & Abby are loving summer vacation and I am enjoying spending more time with them.

I have been inspired by other bloggers (Crystal in particular) to post some pictures of the flowers in our yard. Enjoy!

Knockout Roses



New Guinea Impatiens

Carl has done an awesome job on our yard and flowers! I think it looks beautiful!

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Gayle said...

Everything looks beautiful!
Great Pictures of the flowers!

Denise said...

Very pretty! He has a real talent for knowing what to put where. You're a blesses lady!
Have a lovely evening.

Mom Brock said...

It's beautiful, Janie! Carl did a super job! And you are becoming quite a photographer...I loved all the blooms...especially the beautiful little buds, with the popsicles!!!

scottandkris said...

my hydrangeas just pretty! Love ya, gal!

Heather said...

I loved the look on Isacc's face with the popcicle. Cute!

Stephanie said...

so pretty! great pics!

Keith and Crystal said...

You have beautiful flowers, Janie, and an equally beautiful family. :) I enjoy seeing your pictures and see what's happening in your little world.