Thursday, July 17, 2008

Festive Function

Some friends came over the other day for a bonfire and grill out. LOVE these Friends!
The Fellowship

The Foreigners (what a GREAT surprise)

The Food (really-this was supposed to be a picture of the food-with us standing in front of the food table-but there is no food table in this picture) Somehow Steph missed the message to wear green

The Feuding Friends...learning to share is sooo much fun!

The Fotography (I know, I know-it doesn't start with an F) someone in this group always wants a posed picture

The Fire

The Fellas (& Steph)

The Fellas (again)

Fun, Fun, Fun!

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Janella said...

Looks like fun!!! Who are those tipsy people in the last picture?

Stephanie said...

Too Fun! Love all the F's! Perhaps we could add a few more...flunkies (at cornhole), frolicking, future spouses (Mad & Isaac), fulfilling, foolish, funky...(where's the other posed pic?!)

Definitely BFF!

Deanna Mander said...

So fun! I miss you so! Thanks for the blog invite!
Sorry I missed your call today, I'll call you soon!