Sunday, October 18, 2009

Normal Stuff

I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the colorful leaves! Lately most of my days consist of just "normal" stuff. Alarm clock. Breakfast. Morning Rush. School Bus. Dishes. Snack. Laundry. Diapers. Errands. School Bus Again(Ella). Diapers. Lunch. Naptime. Clean Up. Diapers. School Bus. Homework. Playtime. Referree. Dinner. Clean Up. Laundry. Diapers. Jammies. G'night!
my kitchen helpers

Off to school

Why do I always have a few dozen of this type of pic on my camera?


Rob and Deanna said...

:-) Your kids will always have the memories of helping Mommy in the kitchen. Love Ella's chef outfit! The bear on the top of slide doesn't look quite like your normal style. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Where can I get a hat like Ella's???