Monday, March 15, 2010

School, Sickness, and Silliness

Caleb has been working on a Wax Museum project at school. The character he chose to be was William Boeing, founder of Boeing Airplanes. He had to "be" William Boeing at the wax museum and "freeze" in place and recite different interesting facts about William Boeing. I think they look just alike, don't you?

Abby has not been feeling well, and is off school again today :(

I have been trying to practice shooting "manual" only with my camera and she is usually my most willing subject, so we even practiced while she was sick.

Carl has been working in the yard and got the flower beds all cleaned up and ready for Spring.

This is his helper "taking a break" Whenever Isaac gets tired he says "I need to take a break."

The cousins after Nate blew out his candles. I really need to work on my manual settings with backlight. Oops!

Caleb had so much fun with Nate on his Birthday. They got to spend the night at Great Wolf Lodge and had an awesome time.

We are so glad Grammy's feeling better. Isaac kept asking all morning if he could sit with her when we got to church.

Playing with the camera

I hardly ever get a good picture of Caleb because...

He usually does something goofy like this. We were at Lowe's this weekend and they were having their kid's workshop so each of the kids built one of these basketball hoops. They loved it :)

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Rob and Deanna said...

Caleb makes a great Mr. Boeing. :-) Really good pic of Nate & Caleb. Sorry you are sick, Abby. :-(

Michele said...

Love all the pics and updates. Hope Abby is feeling better real soon! We loved having Caleb help us celebrate Nate's birthday!

Gayle said...

Great Pictures! I love the one of Caleb! Hope Abby gets to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Janie,
Loved your blog... just found you... sorry, there's NO excuse, except I hardly ever blog... I'm just bored, sleepy and should be cooking supper... decided to find some recipes to use up some junk in the fridge and found your blog through Sis. E.'s... TMI, probably... oh well, I should just take a nap! :) So glad everyone's feeling better. Great get-up for Caleb! We Love you guys,
Laura Hausman