Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love Spring !

Then bursting forth
In glorious day
Up from the grave
He rose again!
And as he stands
In victory
Sin's curse has lost
Its grip on me
For I am His
And He is mine
Bought with the
Precious blood of Christ

Easter Sunday 2010

My girls!

Last week I celebrated 14 years together with the love of my life!

He took 2 days off work to spend with me. We had a great time together :)
The last three years we have gotten something new for our yard on our anniversary.
A couple years ago we got this weeping cherry tree. It is so delicate and pretty!

This year we got an Appalachian RedBud.

It is super-bright pink!

and absolutely beautiful!

Carl and the kids got me these amazing roses to cheer me up this week after some dental drama

I think my new favorite color is yellow!


Janie said...

pretty pitures mommy love abby

The Dickinsons said...

Janie, LOVE the family pictures...really nice! Beautiful plant with pink blossoms that y'all got to plant in y'all's yard. CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your anniversary! Love the pretty yellow roses. But...I'm sorry for the dental drama. =( I am not one who loves to go to the dentist. =)

Rob and Deanna said...

Very envious of your Beautiful Anniversary Tree! ;-) Love the vibrant color & your cherry tree is doing so well too. What a sweet hubbie & kids to get your roses?! They are Gorgeous! Glad you got to spend some time just the 2 of you for your anniversary, especially since you guys rarely get to have time away from your kids anymore. ;-) LOL Seriously, I am happy for you! :-)

Mom Brock said...

Love your Happy Spring...and beautiful family photo!