Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

She gives selflessly of her time and resources
She is an encourager - all the time
You will rarely, if ever, see her without a smile
The florist at her wedding even asked if she could
stay to see her walk down the aisle because she
couldn't stop smiling :)

She has never given me the cold shoulder, ever
She loves people
She looks for the good in every person
She is never too busy to listen
She is peppy!
She loves my Dad and they could not be more opposite
She talks to strangers...alot...and brightens their day
She is an amazing Grandma
She tells people they are wonderful
She was raised without a mother, but somehow she became the most wonderful mother
She is a Godly example to me and has taught me about kindness, forgiveness, faith, and to believe in miracles
I am blessed to have her in my life!
Happy Mother's Day!
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The Dickinsons said...

Janie, Phillip and I enjoyed reading this post about your sweet Mom. We agreed with everything you said. She's a dear lady! You are right, she is ALWAYS smiling...and you and Julie smile all the time too! =)
I never knew that she was raised without a Mother! Amazing! I think that your Mom may have just spoken for my Mom's Mothers' breakfast!

Mom Brock said...

Thank You, Janie, for that beautiful tribute from a very special daughter, who has become a wonderful mother, herself! All that I lost in my childhood, God has made it up to me 100 fold! Being Mothers together is a treasured blessing!!