Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Daze

Only one more week of school! Yay~ can't wait for summer vacation :) The kids have been wrapping up the year with field days, picnics, and field trips. Caleb's class took a field trip to the Loveland Historical Museum and had a scavenger hunt along the way looking for various facts about Loveland. Here he is at Veteran Memorial Park writing down facts for the scavenger hunt.

A sign on the bike trail with more info that he needs

Showing Isaac the train display

Mrs. Steele's 3rd grade class

3rd grade friends

Ella's field day was last week too! Here she is with her BFF from kindergarten

The parachute game

WaterBall Toss

And here's Abby's field day. One bowling pin down - one to go!

The water funnel relay - impossible to stay dry!

Her best friend in 2nd grade

Lastly, Ella's end of year picnic

Ella with Mrs. Marsalon - her kindergarten teacher

Creating her tye-dye t-shirt

Her picnic funday also had bubbles, a waterball fight, sidewalk chalk...

and hopscotch

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Mom Brock said...

Loved the end of school activities.. They have been blessed with some awesome teachers...of course they had awesome students!!!