Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

My hero! Served our country in the U.S. Airforce in the Phillipine Islands and Turkey

Many wonderful memories of my childhood

He encouraged my love for reading and learning

Took us on vacation

Taught me to love God

Gives selflessly and sacrificially

He loves his grandkids

Tells them scary stories

And they adore him

He's a very hard worker and can outwork most guys half his age

He can build anything that needs built

And fix anything that is broken.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories, for being an example of Godliness, for your love and support and your sacrificial giving! Happy Father's Day! I Love You!

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Mom Brock said...

Thank you for that beautiful Father's Day posting...from a very special daughter! Enjoyed the photos...where did that young kid on the motor bike go??? Love and prayers always, DAD