Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Years Old

He loves to throw balls and hit balls. He is very coordinated for a little man his size! Here he is with his baseball cake

His "cheesy" picture smile

Grammy decorated the table for him and got him this birthday hat

He is such a big little man! He loves this little T-shirt I appliqued for him with the number 3

He never wants to be left out and thinks he's big enough to do any thing his brother and sisters do. He takes GIANT steps with his little legs.

He starts all his prayers with Thankus Jesus. When he wants me to hurry up he says "What're you waiting on for, Mom?" He has to have me rub his tummy when he's sleepy

Before he could say "I love you" he would say "You're my BEST." He still says that a lot and I love it!


Stephanie said...

Those eyes!!! Eat your heart out, girls!

Gayle said...

He is one special boy! Love him bunches! Great job on the shirt! Love the Pictures!

Jeanne said...

these pictures are adorable...