Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 for 2

Caleb shot his first 2 arrows this year and got 2 deer. A doe a few weeks ago and his first buck on Thursday. 11 points. Awsome buck, Caleb!

Everybody wanted to touch it

DeerSlayer 1 & 2

Calling family & friends

in other news----
keep out...
of reach...

of children.
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Rob and Deanna said...

Beautiful Buck, Caleb! You can see the lil' "Isaac" attitude in the top picture of him sporting his new "cut." :-) So cute.

Kelly Jones said...

Congratulations to Caleb! I think that Isaac's haircut is perfect for Christmas pictures :)

Daryl Hausman said...

That's hilarious about Isaac's hair. I noticed it Sunday, but hadn't checked your blog... so when I saw this update, I howled! :)
Caleb, for what it's worth... my brother from AK that's a BIG TIME HUNTER, was VERY impressed with your buck and the fact that you'd shot it with a bow!!! Congratulations! They plan to be at our church over New Year's, so maybe you can see some of his hunting pictures and compare notes! :)
Congratulations, the Hausmans

abby said...

congrats on your deer Caleb and Isaac you did a nice job on your hair cut lol!