Thursday, January 27, 2011

My favorite Lego Guy

Mommy, can I pleeeeease get the legos out

lego explosion

where do I start?

what will I make?

hmmmm...just what I was looking for

I know where this one goes

and this one goes like this

Are you "seriously" Mom?! I'm trying to concentrate!

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Misty said...

My girls love Legos too!! Reminds me of PNG =)

Keith and Crystal said...

My kids love legos, too. Like Misty said, it reminds me of New Guinea, playing legos and listening to Patch the Pirate. :D

Your little guy looks like Ricky, I think. Or maybe it's Robbie, I can't really put my finger on it. :) He is very cute though.

Gayle said...

He is so funny! I got a kick out of him this morning when he ask me if pappy likes legos. Great Pictures!

Stephanie said...

He is so "seriously" intent in those pictures! the wedding between he & Madeline still on? :)