Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Flowers

We love going to our local library. I started taking Caleb to their weekly storytime when he was just a few years old. We have made crafts, seen puppet shows, kids concerts, won a prize in their paper-airplane making competition, watched snow white ballet, magic shows and even sat in a helicopter that landed there at the library! Caleb and Abby were working with Carl Saturday, so the rest of us headed off to the library.
First, they picked out their flower "pot"
Then they chose
their decorations
picked out a flower
and planted it for their Mommy :)


Keith and Crystal said...

Just darling!!

The Dickinsons said...

So cute! Love how little Isaac is looking at his flowers. =)
I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's day. I did! =)
(If you get a minute you can go and hear the song I wrote about a day in the life of us Mothers. =)

Stephanie said...

Seriously intent on their projects, aren't they?