Monday, October 31, 2011

Taking Notes

Just in case you missed it, these are Ella's sermon notes from our Singspiration at church yesterday.  I think she really paid attention.  Especially to those Wegeners :)

A chef, Laura Ingalls, and a U.S. Marine

I helped out in Ella's pumpkin math class last week.  Making estimations, then weighing, measuring, carving, and counting seeds.  This is the pumpkin our group did :)

And one more reason to "take notes."  The difference one year makes.  They grow up way too fast!


Keith and Crystal said...

Too cute. I love the one that said, "I ask mom for a dringk she said no" :) Sounds like something my kids would write.

The Dickinsons said...

Hilarious! Ella cracks us up! =)


Rob and Deanna said...

Ella is too funny! Love her commentary! She got a lot of spiritual help out of the service that she look back on her notes and remember later. ;-)

~Carla~ said...

The notes are DARLING, but my favorite thing is your last statement. The reason to "take notes" is because they grow up too fast. You hit the nail on the head. Always love your posts, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved the notes!!! ;) I also like the one that said she asked for a drink of water and her mom said no. TOO CUTE!!!

freida wegener said...